Wild Woven

Botanically-Dyed Silk Sleep Mask By Wild Woven Collection

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Botanically-dyed soft soft silk masks by local brand Wild Woven Collection. 


Handmade in Canada using 19mm silk charmeuse

Filled with 3 layers of organic cotton

Wide elastic headband covered in silk to smooth your hair, as it holds the mask in place through the night  

Washable by hand in cool water with gentle detergent 

We fully embrace our collaboration with nature and the way that botanical dyes can vary in colour and appearance with each batch. Gentle marbling and differences in the ways that natural dyes and flowers imprint onto the silk is normal and not a flaw, but rather a moment to appreciate how all of nature is unique. 


Silk protects the delicate skin around the eyes and discourages dryness and wrinkles

Using a sleep mask promotes melatonin production by blocking out sleep-disrupting light

Restful sleep is imperative for feeling your best

Plush and pillowy, this lightweight sleep mask is filled with organic cotton - no poly fills here - because we know you value your non-toxic beauty rest 


Material:  100% silk and filled with 3 layers of 100% organic cotton 

Available in bundle dyed or solid. 

Solid: Hand dyed with avocado to create a beautiful pink. 

Bundle Dyed: Bundle-Dyed with Hibiscus, Rose & Avocado - we refer to the look of bundle-dyeing as "a natural watercolour painting", created by gently steaming hibiscus and roses on silk that was dyed with a base colour from avocado

Wild Woven Collection

Wild Woven Collection was founded in November of 2018, just a few short months after the 2 founders Christine & Katelyn serendipitously met at a pop-up in Toronto. They began chatting about natural dyes and the pretty pink tones that avocado pits release when simmered. Shortly after, they decided to meet for coffee and the idea of a collaboration was born. Wild Woven began with tea towel sets and quickly grew into what they like to think of as modern heirlooms for the home. They are continuously learning, experimenting, expanding and collaborating and it brings them so much joy to share naturally-dyed textiles with the world.