Warrior Woman Hut By Easy To Breathe

Warrior Woman Hut By Easy To Breathe
$52.00 CAD $68.00 CAD

Warrior Woman Hut sits in a sacred space, holds her ground and exhales your desired incense whispers. This incense hut aims to fill your home / room with cleansing energy, all while radiating a sense of ease + strength.

Measurement: Approx. 3" wide x 4" tall

Note: each piece is handmade and unique and will vary slightly in size and shape. 


About Easy to Breathe

Easy To Breathe is driven in reverence of story telling through ancestral craft and honoring the purpose of an object through ritual.  Mariana Mae draws inspiration from the freedom of form and the fragile, forgiving elements of our Earth.
With deep admiration for primitive pathways, each ceramic piece is individually crafted by hand as a unique offering to you and yours. 

About Mariana Mae

Mariana Mae is an artist and visionary native to Coyoacan, Mexico. Currently residing in the Valley of Ojai, California, Mariana offers her work under the wingspan of Easy To Breathe.  Since 2015, she’s created this vehicle to share her clay work, cultural, educational offerings and series of women’s circles and ceremonial gatherings.


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