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Kohen By Joël Joseph

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 Joël Joseph hats are handcrafted designs and made of only the finest wool. They focus on sourcing quality materials that are both sustainable and cruelty free. From scouring the wool to felting a finished product each process is carried out in the USA passing through over 50 skilled artisans hands. 
Material: 100% Wool
Color:  Camel
Brim: 3 1/4'
Crown : 4 1/2'
Band : Suede
Made in USA 
About  Joël Joseph


Launched October 2019, Joël Joseph was started by Designer and Owner, Terri Dacquisto.

Working internationally as a Fashion Stylist for the past decade, Terri began Joël Joseph to fill what she felt was a gap in finding a quality hat that was both timeless, yet modern.

Joël Joseph hats are hand crafted in the USA in an employee owned factory using methods that have been perfected over the past 120 years. The true art of millinery is not lost with each hat passing through over 50 skilled artisans hands before completion.

The skill and craftsmanship that goes into each individual hat shows in the quality that defines our brand.