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Lilac Tumbler by Danny D's Mudshop

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Cactus Collins Tumblers.

Units sold individually.

Product Info:

White clay body, blue underglaze.

All hand thrown, individually trimmed, carved, painted. 

All heights are uniform, but base widths may vary. Not perfectly stackable. 

Dishwasher safe (top shelf preferred), durable, food safe. Suitable for both hot and cold drinks.

About The Artist:

Los Angeles Based 

"My name is Daniel Dooreck. Im a full time potter based in Echo Park in Los Angeles. I've been throwing on the wheel for about 5 years now. For the longest time I've thrown for fun and given all my pieces away to friends as I experimented and slowly improved my techniques. I aim to throw precise pieces and carve fun images on them. High, low art, or something. "

Every Piece, Hand Thrown

" All products you see on this website are hand thrown on the wheel, carved freehand, and either made from a mix of porcelains, or a very sandy red clay called Sante Fe. Artwork is a mix of things I see in the wild, or a riff on amazing artists in my community, mostly in design or some sort of flash tattooing. All pieces are one of a kind, even the tumblers and copitas. Thats the beauty of wheel throwing. Thanks for following along dawgys , its been such a fun ride, d."