Desert Soap Sampler

Desert Soap Sampler
  • Desert Soap Sampler
  • Desert Soap Sampler
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Silver Lining Good Soaps are made from local desert plants and/or scents from the  Arizona landscape. These truly natural products are vegan, cruelty free, biodegradable minimally packaged and do not contain any of harmful ingredients.

Sample pack can include 4 out of the following

Please Note: all soaps have a base of the following ingredients: organic olive, organic coconut, organic palm, avocado and apricot kernel oils.


This soap has a combination of essential oils that will remind you of our Sonoran Desert . Sage, cedar, pettigrain and now hay foin. With dried ground chaparral known among the Indigenous People for its many medicinal properties. Chaparral has lignan, nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA,which is a strong anti-inflammatory. Chaparral is also known to be antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, and antiseptic, and, when applied to the skin, chaparral can have a remarkable healing effect on eczema, herpes, cold sores, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis.

Creosote Bush /Rain In the Desert:

This soaps contains Creosote bush (Larrea tridentata). Creosote is a large shrub found in the Arizona's Sonoran Desert and usually grows at elevations of 5,000 feet or lower.  This large shrub is known for it's antimicrobial properties. 

Gypsy Caravan

Combo of Essential oils of lavender, patchouli and ylang ylang

Juniper berry

Juniper Berry essential oil and ground juniper berries for an exfoliating bar of natural goodness

Mesquite Bean Scrub

This organic soap is made with mesquite bean pods for a natural gentle scrubby bar. Scented with cedar and cinnamon to enhance the natural smell of the ground pods.

Palo Santo 

Palo Santo, literally meaning “holy wood” in Spanish, is a tree that is widely distributed throughout Central and South America. Palo Santo is used in South America in much the same way as White Ceremonial Sage is used in North America- to combat negative energy and to cleanse the space. 
Palo Santo is different than many of the other smudging materials as it is fragrant in its raw form and does not necessarily need to be lit, though it usually is when being used for ceremonial purposes. Palo Santo is often used by Amazonian shamans in sacred plant spirit ceremonies; the rising smoke of the lit sticks is believed to enter the energy field of ritual participants to clear misfortune, negative thoughts and to chase away evil spirits. Its use reportedly dates back to the Inca era.
It smells amazing, with notes of anise, wood and grass and just lifts your spirits and makes you feel so good!

This soap is made with pure palo santo essential oil from Ecuador.

Salt River

Salt River soap is named after the local river that used to flow right through town. It now supplies more than half of Phoenix's water. The river was named for the ancient salt cliffs that it flows past, a sacred place to the native americans whose land the cliffs are on.

This river feeds the canal system which has carried water to the citrus crops first planted in the late 1800's. This soap has salt in it which draws moisture to your skin and citrus essential oils for a true local flavored soap.




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