Jinete B Necklace by Après Ski

Jinete B Necklace by Après Ski
$125.00 CAD

Jinete B Necklace by Après Ski 

Collection: Porte dorée – À cheval
Material: Gold plated silver
Measures: 3.5 x 2 cm*
Chain length: 42 cm


Designed by Après Ski and handmade by Turkish artisan that works with gold plated silver in a traditional way.

The Porte dorée collection is made in Turkey.

All our products are nickel free.

* This necklace is handmade and each piece is unique so it can have slight changes in size and shape.

About Après Ski

Après Ski is an  accessories and objects studio established in 2009 in Barcelona, Spain.

Their designs are born from the observation of different cultures and traditions, seeking people and places authenticity through books and travels.



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