Macorina Basket

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Beautiful handmade basket perfect to use as decorative storage.

Dimensions: 17.5" x 10"

Handmade in the northern mountains of Puebla, Mexico 


About Proyecto Rufina

Rufina is the bridge between beautiful creations from inspiring mexican craftswomen from the northern mountains of Puebla, and a global community in constant search for timeless objects that are functional, artisanal and ethically crafted.

The material from which these beautiful objects are made is from an endemic tree found in the northern hills of Puebla, locally known as “Jonote”. The weaving of these baskets is done manually by experienced artisans, especially elderly women. After the Jonote fiber is extracted from the bark of the tree, artisans let it soak for 25 days so that the strands soften (water must be changed daily). Finally, it is left in the sun in order to dry so they can start to weave and create functional and these aesthetic jewels.

At Rufina, we are all about empowering and uplifting artisan women in Mexico through job creation. We support eleven women in three communities through consistent, fair and well paid work..