Mar Mar


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Scent: Tobacco, Vervaine

Inspiration: Mono no aware is a Japanese phrase translating most simply as a sensitivity to ephemera, bittersweetness, or the happiness that something has happened mixed with the sadness that it's no longer happening. 


- Coconut wax blend + Cotton wick

- 40 hr burn time

- reusable vessel

- Ships in a reusable mud-dyed cotton pouch

-Hand poured in LA by Light 4 Life And The Exceptional Children's Foundation, an organization that provides jobs for adults with disabilities. 

Care + Tips

-Trim wick to 1/4" before burning every time to avoid soot.

Burn 2-4 hours every time, allowing wax to liquify from edge to edge to avoid tunneling.

-Never leave a candle unattended.

-Never move a candle while burning.

About Mar Mar

Mar Mar is based in LA, California.  Their scents are meant to evoke future memories - a potent mix of past experiences and hopes for what's to come.  

Their scents are conceptualized in downtown Los Angeles , tested and refined in Santa Monica and poured by Light 4 life in inglewood.