Moonblossom Botanical Perfume by WILDWOOD 15ML

Moonblossom Botanical Perfume by WILDWOOD 15ML
$32.00 CAD
A soft botanical fragrance - perfect for those who which to gently accent their own natural essence and energy.  A scent reminiscent of enchanting spice, and sugary cinnamon derived from the bark of the Cassia plant. A rich infusion of benzoin resin, black pepper and balsam needles, softened with sweet wildflower notes of warm chamomile, peach blossom, and geranium petal.

Sacred Wildwood have solar-infused Cassia Bark, farm harvested Peach Blossoms, Wild Chamomile, Black Peppercorn, Cornflower, toasted Black Cardamom and Geranium Petals in a base of cold-pressed local sunflower seed oil and coconut oil steeped with crushed Benzoin Resin and forest gathered balsam needles for 8 weeks before bottling. A labour of love in every bottle.

Please note that botanical fragrances are much softer than a traditional eau de perfume, and the scent will become more subtle over time. 

This listing is for a 15ml bottle with roller applicator.
A Little About Wildwood: 
Wildwood’s holistic skin, body and wellness tonics are crafted in small batches using the purest herbs, flowers, extracts, oils and butters. Inspired by traditional herbalism and ancient Ayurvedic remedies, each product is thoughtfully and simply formulated with the healing power of botanicals. Many of the herbs and flowers in their formulations are grown organically on their family farm. All products are 100% Natural. Free of preservatives, synthetic fragrances, parabens and sulphates

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