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Return Trip Magazine Issue 2

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In Issue 2 , they explore what it means to feel "out of place" in our travels. What does it mean to stand out while travelling? What does it mean to fit in? What privileges or discriminations are experienced as a result of being different, especially when navigating foreign places? How do those experiences shape your identity?



Liz Allemang
Alexandra Caprara
Kayla-Jolene Doris
Stefanie Durbin
Leila Fatemi
Aliyyah Fazil
Niamh Gordon
Michelle Kay
Xuan Loc
Carole Maillard
Claire Millar
Furqan Mohamed
Tuan Nini
Irina Perju
Gabriella Rackoff
Dhvani Ramanujam
Yolanta C. Siu
Namrata Vansadia
Sarah Vardy
Holly Warburton

Edited by Erin Pehlivan
Creative direction by Jessica Johnstone
Art direction by Luana Suciu
Copy editing by Lindsay Tapscott

About Return Trip

Return Trip is an annual independent travel magazine about feeling your way through the world. We aim to showcase the personal aspects of travel — how it can transform us and contribute to our own self-knowledge, self-discovery, identity and growth, and how it can encourage empathy, compassion and new ways of understanding.