Wild Woven

Shibori Throw Pillow Covers By Wild Woven Collection

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Created with Wild Woven's handmade botanical dyes, these throw pillow covers are dyed in the shibori method and are completely plant and mineral based, including the thread. This collection features an organic cotton linen blend, is finished with a small zipper and branded tag. 

Dyed with marigold flowers and minerals

Covers are 18"x18"

Insert not included, but 20"x20" inserts are recommended and widely available

The cushions are individually dyed by hand, so each one is unique and one-of-a-kind. We celebrate the variability of natural dyes, and the creative process that makes each of these special and distinct! 

Sewn and hand dyed locally. 


Material: Cotton/Linen Blend 

Wild Woven Collection

Wild Woven Collection was founded in November of 2018, just a few short months after the 2 founders Christine & Katelyn serendipitously met at a pop-up in Toronto. They began chatting about natural dyes and the pretty pink tones that avocado pits release when simmered. Shortly after, they decided to meet for coffee and the idea of a collaboration was born. Wild Woven began with tea towel sets and quickly grew into what they like to think of as modern heirlooms for the home. They are continuously learning, experimenting, expanding and collaborating and it brings them so much joy to share naturally-dyed textiles with the world.