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Nocturna Floria Balm 25ml by Wildwood

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Sacred Wildwood's bestseller NOCTURNA FLORIA Ambrosia Repair Facial Balm  w/ Sacred Tulsi Basil, Marshmallow Root + Elderflower

For Normal to Dry Skin

Size: Travel size 25ML  


Blooms of the Night. Precious botanical extracts harvested at twilight, infused with the magic and wisdom of ancient apothecaria. 


A concentrated botanical facial balm to deeply nourish and restore. Our proprietary blend of potent, raw and unrefined plant extracts, and wild flower essences delivers healing phytonutrients, repairing free radical damage and nurturing a vibrant, supple and glowing complexion. Active botanical ingredients include camellia seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, rose hip, jojoba oil, comfrey leaf, calendula flower, tulsi basil, marshmallow root, elderflower, yarrow blossom, lemon balm, borage leaf, and evening primrose.


To use: Apply a very thin layer of balm - less than pea size amount per area, to face, neck and chest, after cleansing and applying facial serum. For added hydration, our balm may be used alone on freshly cleansed and toned skin. Use nightly. TIP: Our balm has a wonderful creamy, salve-like texture that enrobes and softens the skin, offering deeply replenishing and protective hydration.


For best results, use this balm in conjunction with a facial mist and serum, and use sparingly while massaging generously to ensure proper absorption. This balm is best suited for normal, dry and mature complexions.


All of our ingredients are 100% whole plant organic, wild harvested on our rural farmstead, or sourced from local permaculture supported, organic farms.



A little About Wildwood: 

WILDWOOD is a grassroots apothecary and herb-craft studio creating healing care potions, infused with magic in the heart of Wellington County.

Their herbs and flowers are grown organically on their small family farmstead, wild gathered, or sourced sustainably and ethically. Each potion is lovingly hand-blended in the sunny studio of their rural stone cottage built in 1880.  

All products are 100% Natural. Free of preservatives, synthetic fragrances, parabens and sulphates.